Essential oils are things I use daily. I don’t know everything about them like the reps, but I do know a basic amount of information. My go-to essential oil brand is Doterra; because that’s brand that I started out with. I do have a lot of friends that use Young Living, and they love that brand as well. Either way, go with a bigger brand because the ones that you can buy for a fraction of the price at stores like Tj-Maxx are cheap for a reason, they can be full of.. shit. This blog post isn’t about all the specifics on oil grades, but I recommend to do some research if you haven’t.

Something that I have really gotten into in the last two years are podcasts! I use to think that they were only like the cheezy radio talk hosts talking about useless things. I didn’t realize how useful podcasts actually are! I have learned so much from the variety of podcasts that I listen to. And I love that I can listen to them on the go! So for this Friday’s post, I’m sharing my favorite podcasts!

When you research most itineraries for Iceland, most people say you need at least ten days to drive around the island. My travel style is go go go, sleep little as possible. So here is the most jam-packed itinerary to see the most sites as possible in Iceland!

Happy fall y’all!

Fall is a photographer’s favorite season! There is really something special about the fall air and light. And photographing fall family photos, or engagement sessions in the fall… it is literally just amazing. So besides photographing in the fall, I’ve listed five of my favorite things to do..

The Gili islands are just a boat ride away from Bali. We took a speedboat, so the trip was about 2.5 hours. There are three islands, and we went to Gili Tragawan.

I am travel so much. I’ve been to 24 countries and counting. When planning a week-long trip to somewhere, you haven’t been to can be stressful. Imagine planning six entire weeks between ten countries all by yourself. It can be crazy about what apps to use and where to start. These are some of the travel apps I find the most useful for traveling!

Did you know word that word of mouth recommendations result in five times more sales over paid media marketing, AND people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend? For my tourist friends in Tahoe, this one is for you! These are my five favorite places to eat in Tahoe.

The first monkey we saw, I gave Kevin my phone to take a picture of me standing in front and before I knew it jumped onto my shoulder! But it doesn’t stop there. It grabbed my boob!!!!! Oh and then monkeys jumped on Kevin’s head as we took a selfie and got a bit frisky! When you scroll through the pictures, you’ll see what I mean! Another exciting thing that happened is a mama monkey BIT ME!!!

When I am photographing weddings in Tahoe, I am reading! I love love love to read. You know that kid that goes to a buffet and their eyes are bigger than their stomach and gets way too much food? Well, that is me with online book shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to a bookstore and spending time feeling covers and pages of books.