My favorite Podcasts

My favorite Podcasts


Something that I have really gotten into in the last two years are podcasts! I use to think that they were only like the cheezy radio talk hosts talking about useless things. I didn’t realize how useful podcasts actually are! I have learned so much from the variety of podcasts that I listen to. And I love that I can listen to them on the go! So for this Friday’s post, I’m sharing my favorite podcasts!

The Rise Together Podcast

By: Rachel and Dave Hollis

This podcast has so much goodness on relationships! Most of the episodes are romantic based relationships, and now they’re tying in other forms of relationships into new episodes. Even if you are not in a relationship, I highly recommend listening for helpful insights and tools.

The Rise Podcast

By: Rachel Hollis

You know if the Rise Together podcast is listed, this one is going to be too! I love Rachel Hollis, but what is great is she also brings on a lot of educated guests on that give their stories, insights, information, and just downright inspiring!

Bokeh Podcast

By: Nathan Holritz

This one is a photography podcast, so photographers, this one is for you! You know when you don’t know what to watch, so you decide on some random Netflix show, and then after the first episode, you are hooked and end up binging through at least three episodes? Well, that was me, but with this podcast!! There are SO many helpful episodes! There is an episode with Vanessa Hicks talking about blogging, and that is the entire reason I got my butt into gear and started blogging again.

The Audio Experience

By: Gary Vee

If you are an overly sensitive person and get offended by everything, maybe this podcast isn’t for you. Gary tells it the way it is! I freaking LOVE how straight-up honest he is. I had the opportunity actually to see him live at a conference, and it was fantastic, just like his podcast and Instagram videos. If you need some brutal honesty to get yourself going, this is the one for you!

Life with Amy and Jordan

By: Amy and Jordan Demos

This incredible podcast is a newer podcast created by my favorite photographers ever! They could have started a podcast on anything, and I would have tuned in. But DANG, they bring it! And their podcast isn’t only for photographers; it is for anyone! Their episodes are about some of the most honest topics that appear in everyone’s lives, like Starting the Day Right (ep. 09) and some that are for a specfic audience (like parents).

I’ve listed five but I really couldn’t narrow it down so I’m adding on a sixth..

On Purpose

By: Jay Shetty

Jay interviews some of the most insightful people from around the world, and it is insightful to hear about people’s stories or learn from their take on the world.


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