Travel Tuesday: The top travel apps

The Best Travel Apps


I am travel so much. I’ve been to 24 countries and counting. When planning a week-long trip to somewhere, you haven’t been to can be stressful. Imagine planning six entire weeks between ten countries all by yourself. It can be crazy about what apps to use and where to start. These are some of the travel apps I find the most useful for traveling!

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Most of the time that I travel, my dates are flexible on when I can fly out and back home. I’ve seen over 100 dollar differences in just flying out a day later. Airfare is also always changing. With Hopper I can put in my travel dates and destination, then it predicts whether the price is a good deal or if I should wait to book for a price drop. On top of that, it tells you how much the price will drop or increase and the date range. 


This travel app is another one that helps find the best cheap flights. 

Global Convert

Another free app that is so useful when traveling outside the country. It is a conversion calculator of everything I could think of. Every currency is on there, distances, measurements, temperature, you name it!


Sometimes staying in an Airbnb is much cheaper than a hotel. I also like having the option of having a full kitchen when I travel. Most of the time, I try to eat out as least as possible and instead go to the grocery store. This way, it saves me some money.


I because after you put in the duration of your stay and location and you’re searching the list of all the hotels, it doesn’t give you the price of one night. It displays the entire total, including taxes (most of the time). It’s the worst when you see a decent hotel price and then click to book, and they’re like “oh and we have $300 in fees and taxes”. (Vegas hotels especially!)


I am a white noise addict. I cannot sleep without my damn fan! Obviously, I can’t travel with a fan in my suitcase, so I have tried all the apps out there, and this beats every app out there by far!! I’ve gone to bed with other friends in the room, and I put on previous apps, and they’re like “what the hell is that!!?? It sounds like a semi-truck is running into the room!!”. myNoise ‘white noise’ sounds like a real fan! There’s also a ton of other noises on there, and the best part is they are all customizable with different sliders. I sleep like a baby now when I travel! If you are a white noise sleeper, do yourself a favor and download this app, it’s FREE! 


An app that keeps all your travel information in one place and it the most straightforward way. All you do is forward your travel confirmation emails to your account, and it automatically inputs ALL the information for you. Flight numbers, airlines, hotel addresses, and phone numbers, etc. all are kept and organized in one place. This is the easiest way of staying organized.


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