Canada wedding in Alberta | Cherish + Dave

Wedding in Alberta, Canada

Rainy day wedding

ANOTHER Canada wedding with Danielle! (WHOOP WHOOP!!!) We joke that I should live there half time and that I could have my own pink glitter room at her house.

Anyways back to the wedding, it was another weekend with a forecast of rain and magically it didn’t downpour on us! We always do come prepared if it were to rain on a wedding though. The secret tool is clear umbrellas. We try to have enough for the wedding party. And that way if it is a light sprinkle outdoors, you can still get photos with gorgeous light and a clear umbrella doesn’t look overly distracting. Most people get concerned when it is overcast and rainy weather but actually, it provides the BEST light! It is super flattering and easy to work with.

On the wedding day, we did have the umbrellas on stand by. There was a few droplets of rain where I sprinted and grabbed one for the couple, just in case we got that sudden downpour of rain but we were lucky!

Rain on a wedding day is supposedly good luck. Someone at this wedding told me that it brings lots of babies to the married couple. HA! Who knows where that myth came from.

Cherish and Dave had such great attitudes throughout their day. There were a lot of obstacles happening like the party bus breaking down, but guests and family members were to the rescue shuttling us all in their jeeps and trucks! My favorite part of the wedding day is we had Cherish, Dave and the wedding party in the middle of the dance floor and they popped a bottle of champagne right then and there. These are my type of people! If you have an idea and think it is totally crazy and out there, I am up for a challenge!!


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