The importance of your getting ready Location 

Ever thought about the importance of where you will be getting ready for your wedding day?

You most likely value all the details that are part of your wedding day…The rings, your shoes, the lace on your dress to the finishing touches on your makeup.. all to be photographed.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while deciding on your getting ready location to achieve those beautiful getting ready images that tell your story. 

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1. Room Size – Although you don’t need a massive sized room, space helps. Getting ready in a small room is more stressful and hard to work in. This is especially true if you have a lot of people that will be getting ready with you. Photographers need room to move around and capture the moments as best we can. The more space we have, the more we can capture and get creative with our photographs. 

2. Room Color – Ideally, a white or a soft colored room is best. If the room is painted orange, the color will project onto your skin and potentially make you look like you had a spray tan gone wrong.

bride getting dressed

3. Natural light – The bigger the windows, the better! If there is a big window with lots of light coming through, this will be the place to put on your dress. The light is going to wrap around you, making you look like, flawless girl! This is also where I will be spending a lot of my time photographing those pretty little details of yours.

bridal room

4. Clear the Clutter – Less clutter, the better. Pictures with trash and junk in the corners are not pretty. I try my best to work around it, but if you can keep the room organized and clean, it is less to worry about and more time on photographing your day. This also goes with furniture. The less stuff there is in the room, the better.

 Fun bridal party


5. Pretty Hangers – Your dress is the star of the show (well, along with you & your groom). I love to hang the dress somewhere in the room so you can have a picture of your dress to remember forever. Spend the $10-15 and get a nice hanger for your dress, whether it is a sparkly hanger that matches your wedding colors or one that has wire bent to spell your last name from Even a plain wooden hotel hanger is better than a wire hanger from the dry cleaners. 

Weddings hangers sea foam bridesmaid dresses

6. Wrinkles be gone – Another great and cheap thing to have with you in your getting ready location is a mini steamer. I have had lots of brides that have had their dress perfectly smoothed from wrinkles but then transporting the dress to the Location created unwanted wrinkles. I have one that I bought through amazon for $20. Super easy to fill up with some water, plug it in and get those creases out. Then Boom! .. Your dress is perfect again, and it only took five minutes. 


7. Keep your details together – One of the first things I do when I arrive on your wedding day is started with photographing your details. Anything important to you and your day, I want to photograph it. This is your dress, shoes, garter, veil, jewelry, bouquet; maybe you have a special perfume you bought just for your wedding or a note to your very soon to be husband… You get it; I want it all! 

wedding detailssparkly wedding shoes

I hope these tips help you on picking a fabulous location to get ready in!


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