5 Tips to have the best wedding photographs, and a stress free day!

5 Tips to have the best wedding photographs, and a stress free day!

After almost ten years as a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen the ups, the downs, and the most significant stressors of them all. This is why I’ve created this blog post so you can have the best wedding photographs while being stress-free! I want you to think back to your wedding day and think “that was the best day ever”. 


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1. You do you, boo.

The number one complaint/stress I hear from my couples is their stress is caused by trying to please other people. “I’m inviting xxx because my aunt,” “I can’t do that at my wedding, my mom would never approve”. 

But guess what… it’s YOUR day, not theirs. So first step is to put your needs and wants first. 

You want to pop a bottle of champagne on the dance floor, do it. (just let me know ahead of time so that I can document this rad moment).


2. Be present

Put away phones and devices. If you are having a wedding with all your closest friends and family there, there is no need to be attached to a phone. Professional photos from your photographer will be 1,000 times better than that selfie you want to take and upload to your stories. 

Another good reason to unplug is your guests can get in the way of the perfect moment that cannot be reproduced. 

Would you rather have uncle bob’s iPad crooked photo of your first kiss or a professional photo? 

Assign one person on each side of the wedding party to be in charge if anything is needed.  


3. Light is Everything

Lighting is the biggest key to incredible photos.   

Of course, as a professional photographer, I do carry lighting equipment and modifiers. BUT it is impossible to recreate the beautiful effects natural light has. 

One of the things that I include in all of my wedding photography collections is creating a photography timeline with you. Lighting is the biggest reason why.

I want you to have the best photos possible, and the first step towards that is with light. 



4. Trust Your Me as Your Photographer

Like I had mentioned, I have photographed a ton of weddings. So I am a wedding expert if you wanna call it that! If you have any concerns, or questions, I can be your guide. My goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day AND for you to have the best photographs to prove it!

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5. Go with the Flow

No matter how much you plan and have a solution in place for everything you can think of… something (at least 1) will go wrong. 

In life, we can’t control anything but ourselves. 

The best thing you can do when something doesn’t go as planned is to go with the Flow and laugh.  

At the time, it may seem like a big deal, but later down the line, you probably won’t even remember that. 

*True story, I had a bride that blamed the wedding planner that it was raining. Her attitude and facial expressions showed her dissatisfied she was. 


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It’s a common saying that planning a wedding is the most stressful event. But I’m here to tell you; it doesn’t have to be that way. You shouldn’t be counting down the days for you to get it over with instead of with excitement.

If you would like to chat about your wedding day, have any questions, send over an email, I would love to chat!

I hope that you found my tips for having a stress-free wedding day helpful!




  1. You made a good point that lighting is very important when it comes to wedding photography. My boyfriend and I are thinking about how nice it would be to go to a beach soon to get some good pre-wedding photos. Perhaps it would be great to look for wedding photography packages that can help us get some very nice shots.

  2. It’s great that you explained how a professional photographer knows all about lighting. My younger sister’s getting married in wintertime, so she’s looking for a photographer for her special day, and I believe it’d be wise if she reads your tips before she hires one. Thanks for the advice on how to have awesome photos of your wedding day.


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