5 Locations to Propose in Lake Tahoe

Top locations to Propose in Lake Tahoe

So you’re ready to propose to the love of your life! I’ve put a list of 5 beautiful locations to propose in Lake Tahoe! And to top the moment, make sure to have a proposal photographer to capture the moment… *cough..cough. me* 😉

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Tahoe is an excellent location for anything and everything, but it is an exceptional place to propose! There are so many beautiful locations to pop that question with that ring you’re holding onto.

Typically a lot of guys contact me asking to photograph their proposal; they haven’t put much thought into the details. My follow up is “that’s fantastic I would absolutely be honored, do you have a location picked?” And their response is usually.. “oh shit. Didn’t think that far”.  I figured I’d write up a little post to help you fellas (or girls proposing)!

The one thing to add, is hiring a local photographer is going to help tremendously, especially if you’re from out of town. As a local proposal planner and photographer, I am going to give you all the suggestions on when each location is the least busy, provides the best light, where to park, and even direct to some of the hidden spots!

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  2. Madlen mirza says:


    I’m planning my best friends purposely for Valentine’s Day weekend! Can you help! I want it to be perfect!

  3. Kristy says:

    We are going to boreal Saturday and I would like to propose to my girlfriend can you help


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