Winter Family Photos in Lake Tahoe

Winter Family Session in Lake Tahoe

This family booked a family session in Lake Tahoe because they were all in town for their parent’s fiftieth anniversary. They wanted to have family photos of them all together on vacation. Right before the session started, the weather started blizzarding! We had booked the session for the beach to have an excellent background of the lake and the mountains. However, with a blizzard, it looked more like we were in an igloo!

Not very many were prepared for this blizzard, so I photographed the session as fast as possible. The grandparents were just happy that all their kids and grandkids were all together to celebrate, and to take a family portrait together! Family vacations are the perfect opportunity for family photos.

If you are having a family session in Tahoe in the winter season, come prepared for a snowy session! Bring warm layers, including hats, gloves, scarfs, and boots! It is better to be warm and have fun than freezing cold, and we can also have fun with the snow and grab hot chocolate.


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