Beach Proposal With A Golden Retriever

Beach Proposal With A Dog

When Phil said I know this might seem strange, but we both love golden retrievers, would it be possible to use Piper in the proposal? 

My answer was yes without a doubt! 

I quickly got to thinking on how I could incorporate a dog into his romantic beach proposal. 

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I used my crafty skills and Silhouette to create the decal “Will You Marry Me?” then ordered a black bandana for Piper to wear. 

Phil and I met earlier in the morning so I could have the ring before the proposal that evening. 

Piper is extremely well behaved because of training that we put the dogs through when they were puppies. However. Walking a golden retriever on the beach, not allowing her to run into the water, say hi to other dogs AND not say hi to every single human on the beach was a task! 

I had my brother come to help manage just in case. 

Before walking over to Phil and Laura sitting on the beach, I tied the ring to Piper’s bandana (as tight as I could, because there was no way in hell I was going to be responsible for that ring to go missing!). 

Then I casually walked by and let Piper go say hi. 

Laura didn’t even see the words on the bandana, she was so excited and also bombarded with golden kisses. Phil then untied the ring and proposed!

Piper saw me photographing and knew to sit and pose. 




Answers from Phil:

What made you decide to pop the question in Lake Tahoe?

 Laura and I met in Tahoe and loved Tahoe so much that we decided to buy a home here. Because we both love the beauty of Tahoe so much I figured it would make the perfect backdrop for our engagement and to add another memory to the area.

Was there a moment that made you decide you wanted to propose?

 This may sound cheesy, but I knew from the moment we met. I even told a mutual friend that I would one day marry her.

What tips would you give other guys proposing? Things to think about, avoid, etc.

 If you normally don’t iron your clothes then don’t do it before the proposal.

Answers from Laura:

Were you suspicious at all? If so, what was there anything that made you?

 Yes, the ironing of his clothes!

What did you love most about your proposal?

 Piper was an absolute star 🙂

Any advice for someone who is going to propose?

 Hire you!


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