A Tahoe Boat Proposal on The Legend 1948

Adam knew he wanted to propose to Talia in Lake Tahoe because it was a special place on her bucket list. But to make it even more special, he decided to book a private boat for his Tahoe proposal.
With so many boat companies to choose from, he decided on the Legends 1948 boat from Tahoe Yacht Cruises.

To keep the proposal a surprise and the least suspicious, I played the role of a photographer with the boat company. When Adam and Talia showed up on the boat with no other couples there, we told her she got really lucky that nobody else had booked for that time, so they had the boat to themselves, setting the stage for an intimate evening.

The captain provided exceptional service, navigated the waters, and enriched the journey with fascinating facts about Lake Tahoe. The blend of romance and education added a unique layer to the proposal, making it an immersive and unforgettable experience.

As we got to Emerald Bay, known for its scenic beauty, the captain lined up the boat with the island right behind Adam and Talia for them to take a photo on the boat’s bow. After I gave the signal to Adam, Talia was genuinely surprised by Adam dropping to one knee, creating a scene straight out of a fairytale.

After Adam proposed on the boat’s bow, we continued to do a few portraits with the light glowing on Fannette Island. I also flew the drone up to capture some images from a different perspective. Then we settled in for a chilly ride back into the Marina and still enjoying all the views of Tahoe.

If you want to create a special moment with your proposal on a boat in Lake Tahoe, or if you have other proposal ideas, fill out my contact form. Let’s collaborate to design the perfect proposal that reflects your relationship.


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