Lake Louise Engagement Session: Brandon + Jess

Engagement Session in Lake Louise

What do you get when you have two photographers together to photograph a gorgeous couple in one of the most breathtaking places in the world? Well besides excellent photos, one hell of a time!

When I flew up to Canada, Danielle and traveled to a place that has been on our bucket list… Lake Louise! We also got some photographer dreams answered; to photograph an engagement session there at Lake Louise..

We started our session at a nearby river, where we thought we would be able to find this super amazing cave waterfall. Well, we looked and looked for this place but never saw it. I felt like we were looking for a unicorn. By the time Jess and Brandon showed up for their shoot, we gave up and decided to work with what we had!

They were definitely dressed to IMPRESS!

Brandon and Jess were SO much fun. Throughout the entire shoot, they were laughing, having fun and were up for all our ideas. Oh, and they put up with our photographer personalities that were so in love with how beautiful everything was. If you’re a photographer reading this…this light was 10 out of 10 golden light.

With only being engaged for a few days, they were on top of getting things planned. Engagement photos are done, and a wedding date was already set!


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