5 things to do when you first get engaged

You’re engaged…. Now what?!

A list of 5 things to do when you get engaged


Wedding Wednesday is going to be another series of posts that I start sharing on the blog! When you get married, typically this is your first time and need a lot of help. Since weddings are my jam and I know the ends and outs of them, I’m going to be sharing all the secrets, tips and tricks that I know! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Most likely you are not the only one having those questions!

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Congratulations on your engagement!! Once you have come down from all the excitement and craziness of people congratulating, you are going to get bombarded with questions on what your plans are for the wedding day. I’m sure you are overwhelmed on how to get started with the planning process and what to do first. But girl, I got you! I’ve created a list of the most important things to tackle first when you get engaged and ready to start planning for your wedding!

1. Determine where you are getting married… city wise!

Do you want to elope and get married in Greece, Hawaii, Yosemite? Or do you want to get married in your home town? This is important before you set the day because the seasons may determine when you want to get married.

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2. Set your wedding date
Now that you have the location, pick your date. If you’re not dead set on the exact date I would suggest having your top three dates. From there you can give venues your top three choices if your first one is already taken.
3. Set a budget

Some people are very surprised by how much everything adds up on a wedding day. Even the smallest details, like invitations or the exit sparklers you’ve always dreamed of having… it all adds up. Did you know the average amount of wedding costs in the US is $33,000 and the average wedding in California costs even more, at $40,000! It is better to be educated about everything before you start planning so you can set your priorities.

4. Book your venue

Venues are typically booked at least a year in advance. Especially if you decided on a popular in-demand wedding date, venues book out even sooner.

5. Book your high priority vendors

Many in-demand wedding photographers and other wedding vendors are booked a year in advance. This means to set your priorities fast and book your vendors whose work you love asap! From here you can book an engagement session with your photographer and use your engagement photos for save the dates to your wedding!

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