5 posing tips to look better in photos

5 Tips to Look Better in Photos


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We all are marketed with those ads on fitness programs, wraps, meal supplements, or whatever category they want to be. They show an image of someones before and then 30 days of using their product making you think “Oh My Gosh I just have to buy that product, look at the difference it made!”. No, I’m calling bullshit. You know what they learned? How to take better photos and how to pose better. (I’m not saying you can’t improve your life with certain products. By all means, eat healthier and move your body. BUT a lot of these companies prey on the fact all women want to look better).

You want to look better in those guest reception photos when the wedding photographer (like me) come around? Or when you post a picture on Facebook of you and your girls at a conference? Well, I am about to give you some of my photographer secrets on posing!

True story… when I was at the Rise conference, I was walking to the bathroom when these three women were taking a picture together and were asking the photo taker how to pose better. I sprung into action like a firefighter. Dropped my stuff and said, girls!!!…..

Know your good side

Ladies, if you don’t know your good side. Look at what side your hair parts to that is 99% of the time someone’s “better” side. If you still like both sides, well good for you. I cringe at photos if I’m on my bad side in photos.

Plant your feet 45 degrees away from the camera

Do not have your toes straight to camera, it doesn’t matter your size; it is the most flattering to anybody to be 45 degrees off.

Twist at the torso

So your toes are point 45 degrees away, now from the torso up twist towards the camera… Look at that slimming magic!

Create separation between your body and arm

You could have the most toned arms in the world, or jello arms but this trick applies to everyone. When you have your arm squished to your body, it spreads. Your arm looks bigger, and there’s no telling where your arm starts or ends compared to your body, especially if you’re wearing black. So just slightly pull that arm up a little with a bend in the elbow to create some space. Think about a small tiny triangle of light there.

Pop your front knee
The knee that is towards the camera add a little bend to it. This will naturally make your shift your weight to your back hip, this is good!

Look forward to another five tips soon 😉

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  1. Darlene Schlange says:

    That was very helpful! Keep posting!

  2. Definitely going to try out some of these tips next time someone is taking my photo. I always look so awkward 🙈


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