5 (more) posing tips to look better in photos

Five More Tips to Look Better in Photos


Last week I shared the first five tips to pose better in photos. The fun isn’t over because I have five more posing tips for you!!

I want you to look your absolute BEST so here’s the last five:

How to look better in photos-2.png

Lean forward

Think of the song lean back, buuut don’t do that. Lean forward. Not too much, just a smidge.

Shoulders melted back

We are not trying to be hunch back of Notre dame here. Press those shoulders back. Show that you have great posture!

Bring you chin forward

Down creates some gobbles, too high makes you look like you’re sniffing some pie. Bring that shin forward and a smidge up. (see the pattern here, everything is just slight improvements).


Exhale all the air in your lungs, not only is it going to look better it looks more natural and relaxed. Rather than your being held captive to take this image.


Think about something funny, if you can’t fake it! Science says if you were to sit there fake laughing, eventually it becomes real. Just a little giggle and more of a natural smile is going to show.

If you missed out on the first five posing tips, be sure to check them out! I hope that this helps you out, let me know on the improvement it makes for you!


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