4 Reasons on Why you want the same photographer for your engagement session and wedding day

Why to have engagement photos

It makes a world difference having your wedding photographer also do your engagement photos. Sure, you may have already had a friend do some “engagement photos” for you, or you’ll save some money by skipping out on photos. There are more reasons behind an engagement session than just having more photos to show.

I’ve made a list of 4 important reasons on why you should have engagement photos done and more importantly on why you should have the same photographer for both your engagement session and wedding day.

1. Get to know your photographer and your photographer gets to know you.

You follow each other on social media, but that is different than actually getting to know each other in real life. A photographer will spend more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else. Don’t you want an already established relationship with them? We are there with you more than your maid of honor or your mom.

Personally I have helped brides with sticky boob bras because I’m the only one that knows how they work, so lets’ be friends!


2. Get used to being in front of the camera, as a couple.

I would say most of my clients use the line “I’m so awkward in front of the camera”, or “I don’t know what to do”. Having an engagement session is like a wedding rehearsal to your actual day. Or maybe you’re comfortable being in front of the camera, but for most this is the first time for couples being in front of the camera together. Either way, you’ll get more comfortable being in front of the camera yourself and as a couple. Another benefit to this is a lot of the poses used during the engagement session are replicated on your wedding day, so by the time the big day comes you are pro! Practice, practice, practice!


3. Professional photos to show off

There are many uses for your engagement photos. Examples are save the dates, a wedding guest book, or to be displayed at your wedding. Plus, they always look better when they are professionally done.


4. Hair and Makeup Trials

Does anyone else feel like its a waste when you spend the time to put on makeup and you don’t go out? …Or is that just me? Anyway, this is the perfect opportunity to use your engagement session for your hair and makeup trials. That way you get to see what it will look like and you look drop dead gorgeous in your engagement photos!

I value the engagement session with my clients and find it so important. So I have made it easy for my clients and made an engagement session complimentary with my three main wedding packages. Once you have booked me for your wedding date, lets schedule your engagement session and become friends!




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