How To Make Your Proposal Unforgettable

How To Make Your Proposal Unforgettable

When you think of a proposal, what comes to mind? A romantic dinner with candles and roses around the table? Jewelry box in hand? Or maybe something even more special like an elaborate scavenger hunt or surprise party. Proposals are a big deal because they signify that someone is about to take on a life-long responsibility, but don’t feel pressured into doing something extravagant just because you can. No matter how you plan to propose, there are three main tips I’m giving to make your proposal unforgettable!

First things first, start early! You should plan the proposal well in advance, even if you are proposing spontaneously. This will give you plenty of time to practice and rework your proposal so that it comes off perfectly. Remember, a proposal is about the one you are asking, not about how well it fits into your timeline or budget.

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1. Hire a professional photographer to capture the proposal!

Trying to capture the moment yourself can add a lot of stress and you might even not capture it. So hiring a professional photographer is a great solution because it allows you to be present in the moment and not worry about if it is being captured. A professional photographer will also help with the planning, and an execution plan! Then you have photos to keep of this everlasting moment.

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2. Use a creative location

Think about proposing in a place that is significant to the both of you. It could be at your first date spot, on top of a landmark, or even in the bedroom where they asked you out for the first time. You want to ensure that everything is set up perfectly and then drop to a knee when the right moment comes. If you have props or a busier location, it will help to have someone help you set-up.

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3.  Make it personal

Everyone dreams of a proposal that is personalized to them, but most people don’t expect it. When you think about how to make your proposal unforgettable, add in something that will help you show them just how lucky they are to have you. In a proposal, every detail should be about the two of you. If they love music or writing, include meaningful words in your proposal somewhere. He can even propose to you through song or poem if that’s what they’re more comfortable with. You can also put pictures and mementos from your time together.



If you’re looking to make your proposal unforgettable, I can help. As a professional photographer, I am ready and waiting to capture the perfect moment with a creative location that is personal to you both. Send an email today for more information on how we can bring this special event together!

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