Lake Louise Engagement Photos

I will start off with saying if anyone wants wedding photos at Lake Louise, Alberta, I will drop everything and do it!! These engagement photos at Lake Louise are STUNNING!! It is one of my favorite locations to photograph.

Some love stories take time. Some even grow over the years, not knowing that’s what was happening all along. For Kasey & Jeremy that was their story!

Fifteen years ago, they were both prepping for military service academies at a military school in New Mexico. While they both were there, they had a chance to encounter thanks to mutual friends. Kasey decided not to join the military and returned to Georgia to finish undergrad. Meanwhile, Jeremy ended up going to USAFA in Colorado Springs, CO.

They stayed friends on social media for the next 10 years not knowing they’d ever meet again. During that time Jeremy finished obtaining his undergrad degree, went to Air Force pilot training, and then moved to Charleston, then Hawaii (no big deal, right?!).  In May 2016, Jeremy was in Georgia for a wedding and we decided to catch up over brunch. That one brunch must have been incredible because it launched them on the path to their amazing romantic relationship!

Fortunately, Jeremy came back to the east coast a number of times over the next few months. Each time he made sure to visit Kasey just as “friends.” Later that year, Kasey traveled to Hawaii for ten days to visit him and this is where they both realized how much they loved to adventure together, and it started to click in their minds. Two months later, while Jeremy was deployed, they made the relationship “official” and have never looked back!

Now they’ve been together for almost three years & just recently got engaged! I had the huge honor of shooting their gorgeous engagement session at Lake Louise in Canada! Talk about a dream location!!

These two could not have been sweeter! They truly do love to adventure together, laugh & have a good time. They bring out the very best in one another & it was so fun to watch! Jeremy is sweet, patient, funny & so encouraging to everyone he meets. On the other hand, Kasey is fearless, super smart & incredibly thoughtful. Put them both together & magic happens!!

As you look through their photos, you’ll see just how amazing they are together! We had so much fun exploring the gorgeous areas surrounding Lake Louise! It was a stunning location that showed them off perfectly. It really was the ideal location for these two adventurous, travel-loving souls! Also, is it okay for me to say they looked AMAZING!! Like, dang!!

 Their photos bring me so much joy getting to see their love & personalities captured forever. I hope you love them as much as I do! Enjoy!

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    We love these photos and loved working with the stackable duo! ◡̈


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