Lake Tahoe Fall Honeymoon Session | Lauren + Cody

Lake Tahoe Fall Honeymoon Photos

Lake Tahoe is a perfect location for so many occasions. From a weekend getaway, a place to propose at, a wedding and even a place for a honeymoon. Lauren and Cody came to Tahoe for their honeymoon!

I absolutely loved they wanted photos of themselves as now husband and wife on their honeymoon! I wish more couples did this!

The fall colors were mostly faded but we found the very last bit of them. I had them dance in the meadow, and basically just enjoy being newlyweds. With having wedding photos done already, they were basically pros when it came to this photoshoot!

After the sun went down, I decided to try something new.. I brought the drone out and did a few different clips of video on them on the beach. Just like how there are wedding clips, why not do clips of engagements or families? I’ve added the video to the end of the post, let me know what you think!

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