Beach Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Romantic beach engagement session in Lake Tahoe

Lynn and Garrett decided to have a destination engagement session in Lake Tahoe, leading them to contact me! They are from Texas, so Tahoe is a bit different than what they’re used to as far an environment.

They were such a fun couple to photograph. We got to walk along a path through a meadow that leads down to the beach, giving me lots of time to talk with them and have some laughs. The trail offered so many different settings for photos, which was great not because to get different looks I usually include two different locations that require driving. For some reason, the mosquitos were SO bad as in clouds of them. Every few seconds we were hitting mosquitos off ourselves. I pulled out my mosquito spray, but it was like I was spraying sugar water instead (Parent Trap fans anyone??).

One of the prettiest things that Tahoe has is when the lupine flowers are in bloom. They don’t last very long, but we were able to find a little patch of those pretty purple flowers that were still alive! When I had Lynn and Garrett sit in the middle of the patch, it looked like that beautiful cheesy scene from the movie Twilight. Now that I’ve said that, you’ll totally see it!

When we got to the Lake, instead of seeing the mountains and, it looked like we were on the ocean where it seems like the water has no end. There were so many fires going on in California that the smoke in Tahoe was pretty thick covering the mountains. But the colors from the sunset were gorgeous through the smoke, giving orange and pink colors. It made me miss living in San Luis Obispo and going to the ocean!


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