Tahoe Winter Proposal

Tahoe Winter Proposal

This winter proposal is my favorite proposal I have photographed in Lake Tahoe. There was so much snow that we wore snowshoes to get out to the pier that he wanted to propose on.

Originally Ephraim had arranged to propose on their dating anniversary- so cute. However, Tahoes winter weather had other plans. This was our giant storm of the winter. It was the third day of constant snow. My neighborhood streets were still not plowed, and nobody could get out. So Ephraim was able to sneak away for a call, and we could come up with a second plan quickly.

Thankfully their trip to Tahoe wasn’t over yet. So we changed the proposal to the next day.

The day of the proposal, it was snowing off and on. But it was mostly sunny with a fresh blanket of snow all over everything. Because we would be the first people out to the pier, I knew the snow would be way too deep to walk in. I didn’t want Connie to be suspicious of the plan or wonder why in the world are we trying to trek out in knee-depth snow for no reason. So I recommended renting snowshoes and make it a date in the snow! It was the perfect cover-up.

When planning a surprise proposal, planning the day as a date is something I highly suggest to try not to have it be overly obvious on what you are up to!

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I had my golden retriever Piper come with me to help blend me in as a regular tourist enjoying the scene. She also was a great subject to test my light on 😉

Ephraim and Connie made their way out to the pier with their adorable tiny Shiba. He walked to the place we discussed and proposed in the snow!
It couldn’t have been more picture-perfect!

After the proposal, we walked around the area, and I photographed them as a newly engaged couple! Kiwi, their shiba, was part of some of their engagement photos and, when she wasn’t, played with Piper. Double win! Towards the end of the session, Ephraim pulled out a bottle of champagne that he snuck into his backpack for celebrating! It was a great way to end a winter proposal session in Tahoe.

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