The Best Spot to Propose in California is Emerald Bay. At least in my opinion, one of the best spots to propose in California is located here right here in Lake Tahoe. Check out other Best spots to propose in Tahoe, California With an incredible viewpoint from the top, you can see the sparkling blue […]

Best location to propose in California

This family booked a family session in Lake Tahoe because they were all in town for their parent’s fiftieth anniversary. They wanted to have family photos of them all together on vacation. Right before the session started, the weather started blizzarding! We had booked the session for the beach to have an excellent background of the lake and the mountains. However, with a blizzard, it looked more like we were in an igloo!

I live in a city that is FULL of such amazing women. Some are florists, some a bakers, some are coaches, some are designers, some are moms but whatever they do, they kick ass at it. The Reno “community over the competition” is the real deal. Women empower other women here and it is the […]