thousand hills ranch wedding

Jodi and Joey’s Wedding – Thousand Hills Ranch: San Luis Obispo Wedding

I had such a great time second shooting for Samantha Ward, owner of Memory Making Events. She is an event planner and a photographer and her husband does videography. Sam has the greatest personality and is such a fun person to be around! 

The wedding day didn’t start out so well for Jodi and Joey. It was any brides worst nightmare…. RAIN! And of course they had a ceremony planned outside on the grass by the Oak tree. Thankfully the wedding party and vendors made a quick change to the set up, making a gorgeous indoor ceremony in the barn. All the ladies walked down the stairs then down the aisle. The barn at thousand hills ranch is unique due to one side of it being completely open. So Sam and I were able to do formals inside but right on the edge of the building so they look like they were done outside. The rain stopped a little bit for us to actually take Jodi and Joey outside for some portraits of just the two of them. BTW brides - Overcast and cloudy are a lot better for lighting than mid day high sun, so its not all bad when it is not ideal weather on your wedding day.  

The wedding party and guests were such a fun group! They were dressing up in the photo booth accessories and dancing on the dance floor in them. They also started a dance off dancing on top of wine barrels and chairs. But that wasn’t all the excitement, Jodi and Joey had an interesting tradition; The man who caught the garter had to put it on the woman who caught the bouquet…using no hands. Talk about the most awkward and funniest thing I have ever seen, also “the higher the garter, the more luck for the newly weds”. I’m sure they were at least a little bit tipsy, so I’m sure that helped but everyone was dying of laughter. After some more dancing I really wanted to get a picture of Jodi and Joey outside in the rain and in the dark, and they were up for it! I placed a flash behind them and as it fired it froze the rain in the picture and looked just fantastic! It is one of my favorite photos!! So I’m excited for more weddings in the rain, it is supposed to be good luck anyways, right? ;)


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