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Alberta Wedding | Wedding on a Farm

Alberta Wedding | Wedding on a Farm

I absolutely love traveling for weddings, it is mixing two of my favorite things. Travel and weddings. On top of that, to photograph a wedding with Danielle!! (If you don't know who she is, you should stalk me some more)

One of the best things about Canada in the summer is the never-ending sunlight. So running out of sunlight while photographing a wedding in Canada is never the issue.

4 Reasons on Why you want the same photographer for your engagement session and wedding day

4 Reasons on Why you want the same photographer for your engagement session and wedding day

It makes a world difference having your wedding photographer also do  your engagement photos. Sure, you may have already had a friend do some "engagement photos" for you, or you'll save some money by skipping out on photos. There are more reasons behind an engagement session than just having more photos to show.

I’ve made a list of 4 important reasons on why you should have engagement photos done and more importantly on why you should have the same photographer for both your engagement session and wedding day.

Lake Tahoe Fall Honeymoon Session | Lauren + Cody

 Lake Tahoe Fall Honeymoon Session | Lauren + Cody

Lake Tahoe is a perfect location for so many occasions. From a weekend getaway, a place to propose at, a wedding and even a place for a honeymoon. Lauren and Cody came to Tahoe for their honeymoon!

Woman Wednesday: Mollie Connell, Rebel Pioneer

I live in a city that is FULL of such amazing women. Some are florists, some a bakers, some are coaches, some are designers, some are moms but whatever they do, they kick ass at it.

The Reno “community over the competition” is the real deal. Women empower other women here and it is the greatest thing ever. You need help? You’ll get it in Reno! All you have to do is ask, and you'll get more than one person who is willing to give you a hand. I attend monthly meetings through the Rising Tide called “Tuesdays Together” along with other meetings and networking events in the area. Through these events, I'm overwhelmed by how many great women there are in the community and how many of these inspiring women I want to get to know.

So I wanted to create something special to highlight and feature some of these women. I wanted to share some details of what makes them, them and what their business is.

The first woman I’m going to feature on the blog, is my true friend, Mollie Connell.

If there could be a person next to a word in the dictionary, Mollie would be under the word Badass. I can't even list all the things she does. First off she's a mom of four kids (which is like a million kids, if you listen to Rachel Hollis's Rise Together podcast, think of her saying it) and homeschools ALL of them!!

She also lives on a farm, which she tends to every single day. She raises chickens, sells organic eggs, raises goats, milks cows and a ton of other farm things I don't even know about.

On top of her daily life, she is own of Rebel Pioneer Bakery. She's not just any other baker either; all of her goodies are made with the best of the best, real ingredients.

According to Mollie, "You won't find a speck of bleached or enriched flours, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors. What's left is a cake made with real ingredients, full of real flavor. As far as ingredients go, I always use organic flour, organic butter and organic extracts in all my baking. because I maintain a cottage food operation and not a commercial kitchen, the styles of buttercreams I am able to use are limited, but don't fret - Rebel Pioneer's buttercreams, no matter what kind, are delicious and pair perfectly with our cake."

Because of the food allergies her own children have, Mollie is used to cooking and baking around those allergies. Are you fearful of a vegan and gluten-free cookie tasting like you’d rather eat spinach? Try Mollie’s and you would think they are baked with magical ingredients.

Mollie uses “real” ingredients and it’s also fitting she is the most real person I know. “Cut the shit” is what we say. I personally don't know how she does it all. Just watching all she does through her Instagram stories makes me tired. Despite everything on her plate, she's always up for a challenge with an upbeat attitude and will never let you down.

Rebel Pioneer has now been in business for one full year. Mollie wanted to celebrate the one year anniversary in some way. So, of course, my answer was to do a photoshoot, also using some other great vendors from the area (which they'll be on the blog soon too)! She’s not used to being in front of the camera so she was a bit nervous, but like everything else Mollie does, she rocked it. Enjoy some of the photos! And if you need a wedding cake, cookies, a cake just for the hell of it, or any sweets... This is your girl!

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Beach Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Beach Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

One of the prettiest things that Tahoe has is when the lupine flowers are in bloom. They don't last very long, but we were able to find a little patch of those pretty purple flowers that were still alive! When I had Lynn and Garrett sit in the middle of the patch, it looked like that beautiful cheesy scene from the movie Twilight. Now that I've said that, you'll totally see it!

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session: Riandy & Marcella

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session: Riandy & Marcella

Snowy Engagement in Lake Tahoe

It's pretty much a whiteout outside, and you have an engagement session. Do you cancel? Nope!