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Santa Barbara Wedding Anniversary

What is the best way to celebrate ten years of marriage? To host a big bbq with your closest friends and family, and take pictures with your original wedding party of course!

Matt & Jessica: Dolphin Bay Resort Wedding – Pismo Beach Wedding

   This was my first wedding second shooting for Stefanie (owner of Stefanie Elizabeth photography). Stefanie found me through our local photographer group on Facebook. We met in the parking lot before the wedding making a game plan then headed up to the bridal sweet at Dolphin Bay Resort. I started with the details: bouquets (which were so gorgeous!), rings, bridal jewelry, the dress and more. We both photographed Jessica getting ready then went down to where the ceremony took place overlooking the ocean. It was a super windy that particular day and miraculously stopped just in time for the ceremony. When the ceremony was over, Matt and Jessica walked down the isle as a newly married couple to a Starwars song. Stefanie and I then had some time to do bride and groom portraits around the resort. There are so many good locations on the property from the lobby of the resort, to a small tucked away path by the pool that made it look like we were in Hawaii!

    Stefanie and I then headed to the reception at the Radisson in Santa Maria. I was going to follow her since I didn’t know where it was. I followed her white car off the freeway then the car that I thought was hers started going into a neighborhood and I quickly realized I somehow started following a different white car and Stefanie was then behind me. I have no idea how that happened! Once we got to the reception we had some time to kill as guests were still arriving so we were able to download some of the pictures from the day and get a head start on editing. It was so awesome a time to relax a little. After the guests had arrived, Matt and Jessica did their first dance then rest of the night was a party!


San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer


Sarah and Jimmy: Edwards Barn Wedding – Nipomo Wedding

I love when I get to photograph the couple’s engagement and wedding. I got to photograph both Sarah and Jimmy’s engagement and wedding. We did their engagement pictures at the same location of their wedding, at Edwards Barn in Nipomo. During the engagement session I got to know Sarah and Jimmy. Throughout the session there was a barn cat following us wanting to be in the pictures (I love cats so this was not an issue for me). From having the engagement pictures at the wedding venue we got to vision what the wedding day would look like. From that day, May seemed SO far away but the months flew by and the wedding day came up quick!

I showed up the barn and started photographing my favorite things, the details! Chelsea from Blissful Blossoms was the florist and did an excellent job on the flowers. The colors of all the flowers were perfect for this spring wedding and on top of it they smelled fantastic. Sarah and Jimmy’s wedding a party was a little different from I am use to. She included her best friend and brother and he included his best friend and sister. So the girls got ready with each other and the boys got ready with each other but then at the ceremony when they got to the alter, Jimmy’s sister stood on his side and Sarah’s brother stood on her side. What a unique and cute idea! After the ceremony we managed to get all of the wedding guests in front of the barn for a big group photo. I was surprised on how quickly this could be accomplished; usually it is like herding cats to get that many people together and stay put for a picture.

The whole day went by stress free and perfect as could be. To end the great day all the guests got handfuls of rose petals and threw them in the air as the newly wed couple walked out. Since it was still light out after the reception Sarah, Jimmy and I went to Avila Beach on the cliffs and take a few sunset pictures and it was the perfect ending to a marvelous wedding. ­

Venue: http://edwardsbarn.com

Florist: http://blissfulblossomsslo.com

Cake: http://agbakery.com

Hair Stylist: http://www.tuttabella.net/index.html



San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding / Jeff and Jocelyn / San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

One great thing about Facebook is the way you can reach out to anyone. In February I got to second shoot for Taylor K photography, http://www.taylor-k.com from Southern California.

Everything was beautiful about this wedding at Flying Caballos Ranch http://flyingcaballos.com.  I showed up to the venue and started on the details of the day: the bride, Jocelyn’s gorgeous jewelry made by a friend, her grandmother’s brooch that she pinned onto her bouquet, the adorable wedding favor tiles that the Jocelyn hand made, the hand made center piece boxes that held the flowers with J&J branded into the wood, the California drought friendly succulent cake and other numerous gorgeous details. Then I headed up to the honeymoon suite in the water tower where the guys got ready. They all took a shot of Jack Daniels, and Jeff was then ready for a first look at his soon to be bride. When they saw each other it was adorable on how excited and anxious they both were. With the first look done, family portraits were able to get done before the ceremony, making things very easy. Jeff and Jocelyn even had some time to just sit and relax as guests showed up before the ceremony. Once the ceremony was over, Jocelyn and Jeff were ready to celebrate and party with all of their guests. The DJ (Kramer Events: http://kramerevents.com/central-coast-wedding/dj-mc/) had everyone dancing the night away from the start of cocktail hour. During sunset, Taylor and I were able to steal the bride and groom for a few minutes to take some pictures out in the field. With the gorgeous views and the incredibly photogenic bride and groom, the pictures are extremely beautiful. 


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Flying Caballos Ranch
Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding

Spearhead Coffee, Lifestyle Engagement Session

This engagement session is one of my favorites!

Carly wanted to do something a little different than what I’m use to; she wanted to have more of a lifestyle approach to the engagement session. (Lifestyle is less posed, more about their everyday lives, and to tell a story about the people in the photo.) After brainstorming ideas on where to shoot we ended up at Spearhead Coffee in downtown Paso Robles. It is such a cute little coffee house. It is very open and bright with the big windows and bar in the front, a hand written menu on the wall and my favorite part is the awesome hanging light bulbs by the counter. I started photographing the two of them just drinking their coffee, sitting in the front window talking and laughing with each other and also Carly being a cookie monster, which turned out adorable!

They also have a little one named Charlie; he was asleep in the stroller the entire time, which was perfect. I also captured the walking with the stroller along the street as we walked into the park across the street. They brought the letter “M” for their last name, so I incorporated the letter in a few shots in the park too.

Something I love is to find out how my clients met, so I usually ask this at every session. Carly use to work as barista at Starbucks and Charlie’s friend was her co-worker. One night day they got introduced. Later that night she came into work to get coffee that he was also there and that’s when they really made they’re connection and they have been together every day since then. And now Spearhead is one of their favorite places to get coffee, so it was the perfect spot to do their engagement pictures.  

Carly and Charlie are perfect for each other and I can’t wait to be part of their wedding day!

Please contact me if you would like to book a lifestyle session, I would love to do more!


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Marilyn Monroe Styled Shoot

    I am currently a student at Cal Poly working on my Bachelors of Fine Art with concentration in photography. Talk about a lot of work! One of my assignments in my portrait photography class was to recreate an iconic person. I had to find someone and make him or her look like the iconic person’s doppelgänger. Last year I did a photo that looked like Twiggy, so this made me think of Marilyn Monroe, she is such a beautiful and iconic woman. My GORGEOUS friend Kali would be the best model for this, and thankfully she agreed! One of the shots I wanted to do was the Marilyn sitting in a chair with a big white tutu on. I had only a few days to get props ready and my only choice was to make the tutu myself.

    I went downtown to the fabric store in town, Beverly’s and bought three yards of white tulle, one yard of white slip material and elastic. I am nowhere near being good at sewing but I was determined to make the skirt work. Problems I ran into: 1). I didn’t buy enough tulle material, so I didn’t have the amount of layers in the skirt that I wanted. 2). Tulle is the hardest thing to line up straight and 3). I sewed the material to the elastic wrong so it didn’t stretch at all. When it came to shooting, the skirt was so small we had to cut and rip it for it to even be wearable.

    Kali did her own hair and makeup and matched it perfectly to Marilyn Monroe. The photos have the vintage look but a modern touch to them. After shooting the tutu pictures I wanted to do a similar photo to Marilyn’s white dress blowing. Of course living in San Luis Obispo there are no subway grate however a fan worked just fine. Thank you for being a fantastic model Kali!


Alyssa Poland Photography

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Marilyn Monroe Stylized Shoot
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
- Marilyn Monroe