Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Styled Shoot

    I am currently a student at Cal Poly working on my Bachelors of Fine Art with concentration in photography. Talk about a lot of work! One of my assignments in my portrait photography class was to recreate an iconic person. I had to find someone and make him or her look like the iconic person’s doppelgänger. Last year I did a photo that looked like Twiggy, so this made me think of Marilyn Monroe, she is such a beautiful and iconic woman. My GORGEOUS friend Kali would be the best model for this, and thankfully she agreed! One of the shots I wanted to do was the Marilyn sitting in a chair with a big white tutu on. I had only a few days to get props ready and my only choice was to make the tutu myself.

    I went downtown to the fabric store in town, Beverly’s and bought three yards of white tulle, one yard of white slip material and elastic. I am nowhere near being good at sewing but I was determined to make the skirt work. Problems I ran into: 1). I didn’t buy enough tulle material, so I didn’t have the amount of layers in the skirt that I wanted. 2). Tulle is the hardest thing to line up straight and 3). I sewed the material to the elastic wrong so it didn’t stretch at all. When it came to shooting, the skirt was so small we had to cut and rip it for it to even be wearable.

    Kali did her own hair and makeup and matched it perfectly to Marilyn Monroe. The photos have the vintage look but a modern touch to them. After shooting the tutu pictures I wanted to do a similar photo to Marilyn’s white dress blowing. Of course living in San Luis Obispo there are no subway grate however a fan worked just fine. Thank you for being a fantastic model Kali!


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Marilyn Monroe Stylized Shoot
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
- Marilyn Monroe