Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session: Riandy & Marcella

Snowy Engagement in Lake Tahoe

It's pretty much a whiteout outside, and you have an engagement session. Do you cancel? Nope!

I had to come prepared to the max for this session! I was wearing two pairs of socks (one high knee and one fuzzy pair), three pairs of pants on including my neon pink snow pants, three layers of long sleeves under my winter jacket, one pair of mittens under my gloves, a scarf and to top it off, a hat! To protect my camera from getting wet, it was inside a weather protective plastic bag that closes around the lens.

WOW did I feel like a marshmallow and look like a hot mess.

Riandy and Marcella looked like a stylish couple ready to have their photograph taken in downtown New York City in the winter. Throughout the session, I kept checking in to make sure they weren't about to freeze to death and turn into an icicle. Instead, they had the most positive attitude. They were happily in love, freshly engaged and it was their first time seeing snow. So a snow storm in Lake Tahoe may be a nightmare to be, but to these two, it was absolutely perfect.

And photographing Marcella's ring with the snow... Que the song "shine bright like a diamond" by Rihanna. It was so sparkly!

Thankfully we did get a few moments of not blizzarding snow. They were so happy that they were tackling each other into the snow, making snow angels, throwing snowballs at each other. They were enjoying the snow like little kids on a snow day. It was seriously adorable, and I got to capture it all.

One of my favorite photos was from the end of the session. As we were about to get in our cars (on the side of the road), they quickly ran into the middle of the street and held hands and just smiled. That moment was really like freezing time, and it will always be one of my favorites and a reminder of why I do what I do.