Lake Tahoe, Winter Wedding: Ridge Resort

Winter fairy tale wedding in South Lake Tahoe at the Ridge Resort.

Winter is not my favorite season but any place looks extremely dreamy with the snow covering everywhere. Lake Tahoe is already such a beautiful location for a wedding but with the pine trees and mountains dusted with snow, is an entirely new level of beautiful.

Photos outside during the winter are certainly more of a challenge. The ground is covered in snow which can sometimes be really deep and no path to walk on, the sunlight doesn’t last as long in the evening AND the biggest thing is how FREEZING it is.

When I am covered head to toe and feel like a popsicle, I can’t even imagine how cold the bride and bridesmaids are because they are in dresses. So I do my best to do the photos as quick as possible, and I’ll tell you to dream that we are all in Hawaii. But in the end, those gorgeous winter wedding photos are worth it!

Just be prepared to be freezing, and to have hot chocolate ready!