Downtown San Luis Obispo Engagement Session: Jeannie & Erwin

Adventurous Engagement Session Downtown San Luis Obispo:  Jeannie & Erwin

I met Jeannie and Erwin at a coffee shop downtown to start their engagement session. I asked how they met and they told me their story. Jeannie’s best friend told her she had to meet this guy she thought was so cute. Eventually, they were both Jeannie and him were both at party and they hit it off. Of course, Erwin didn’t know that it was Jeannie’s friend that was the one who was interested in him in the first place but worked out and her best friend is actually part of the wedding!

Another thing I love to hear about is how my couples get engaged. Jeannie had never been to a drive-in theater. Since there were none in the area, Erwin went to a friend’s mechanics shop and set up their own theater as a surprise. In the beginning, Jeannie had no idea what was going on. What would you think going to a locked mechanics shop, in the dark, with nobody else? Sounds a bit like a scary movie scene at first; thankfully this wasn’t a first date. At the end of the movie Erwin asked Jeannie to help him take down the screen. Then when they were both in front of the screen he got down on one knee and popped the question! After he had a little surprise party with friends and family to celebrate!

We started their session downtown San Luis Obispo. We walked around the creek, crossing rivers and streets and also climbing on top of the parking garage walls. I’m sure people were thinking why are there people kissing in the middle of the street? I had such a great time photographing them and seeing the love that they have for each other. I am sure they didn’t know that their engagement session would be such an adventure but it was perfect!

We also took an awesome selfie you can check out at the end! ;)

I can’t wait until their wedding in September!