Rio Seco Wedding : Vanessa and Keith

Beautiful, classic wedding at Rio Seco

     Vanessa and Keith are married! It seems like just a few months ago I was photographing their crazy storm winds engagement session at Rio Seco. Thankfully for their wedding day the weather was absolutely perfect, and it couldn’t have been better. 

    Rio seco has the perfect house on the property for getting ready because there are two sides to it. The girls got ready on one side and the guys on the other, although it was hard for Vanessa and Keith to not see each other while getting ready. They were like a lovey-dovey high school couple sneaking to see each other before the official "first look". When it did come time to the first look, Keith’s reaction to seeing Vanessa was so sweet. He was literally speechless. Vanessa did a few twirls to show off her dress. Her dress reminded me of an Aubrey Hepburn look. Her dress had the same cut in the front as a long black dress that Aubrey wore, and then she wore pearls with it and her hair up too. She looked absolutely stunning!

    One of the best things about Vanessa and Keith is how relaxed they were the entire day. Before the ceremony, Vanessa actually got a Jack n the Box burger! What other bride would eat a burger on the wedding day? YOU GO GIRL! Who wants to be hungry at their own wedding anyways? Eat something scrumptious!

    They had a ceremony right before sunset with the hills and vineyards as the backdrop as they said I DO with all of their friends and family there. One of the best parts of the ceremony is the ring-boy went to grab the rings out of his pocket and at first he pulled out handcuffs, it was hilarious. There is always something new that I see at a wedding.

    Vanessa and Keith’s sunset session was gorgeous. It was wonderful doing a few of the same locations and poses from their engagement session. Since I am a crazy cat lady, I got really excited that there were a few resident cats of the venue that followed us around. Vanessa has so many facial expressions and I was able to capture a lot of them throughout the day. They are perfect for each other and it shows in their fun, caring, and loving personalities.

    At the end of the night I wanted to do something special for them. Vanessa had custom made their wedding stationary with a star theme, so it gave me a great idea. Right before I left I walked Vanessa and Keith into a dark field for a final picture. Vanessa knew what I was doing but I am sure Keith was thinking, “Why in the world are we standing in the dark?” but he went along with it. Scroll to the bottom to see what the final image of the night was.  :)


Alyssa Poland

San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer