Will you marry me?

I love, love! So when Josh contacted me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Olga, I could not resist! We only had a few days to plan this magical moment so we had to think fast. I knew that Montana De Oro would be a great spot for this to happen; it’s a beach that normally isn’t very crowded like how Pismo or Avila beach can get. I planned my outfit to be causal but also be very noticeable so that Josh could see who I was on the beach. I wore a neon yellow sweatshirt that has sequins all over the back, I would be extremely surprised if I saw anyone wearing anything close to what I described. My boyfriend Casey came along with me to the beach that night. We sat down on the sand and watched as Josh and Olga arrive and meander along the sand. I was getting anxious and nervous just watching them with anticipation. I pretend to take pictures of Casey and the water when I was zooming in on the soon to be engaged couple. After some time, the sun started to go down and Josh went down on one knee to pop the question. I ran up as fast as I could photograph every moment of it. They kissed then the people on the beach cheered just like a movie. I introduced myself and congratulated them then started posing them for some pictures. Casey walked around the beach and scouted an awesome spot for more picture. We walked up on the rocks that were above the water and with flash I could capture some of the water splashing up against rocks. Of course I was terrified of a huge wave coming up and taking my camera and I down into the ocean, thankfully that could happen. To finish off the night we went into this little cave (another great spot Casey found), I put my flash behind Josh and Olga and it lit up the cave around them, it was truly stunning!

Proposals are such a special moment and I am so honored that I get to be part them and capture the start of a new wonderful stage in life together. 


San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer