Lake Tahoe Fall Honeymoon Session | Lauren + Cody

Lake Tahoe is a perfect location for so many occasions. From a weekend getaway, a place to propose at, a wedding and even a place for a honeymoon. Lauren and Cody came to Tahoe for their honeymoon!

I absolutely loved they wanted photos of themselves as now husband and wife on their honeymoon! I wish more couples did this!

The fall colors were mostly faded but we found the very last bit of them. I had them dance in the meadow, and basically just enjoy being newlyweds. With having wedding photos done already, they were basically pros when it came to this photoshoot!

After the sun went down, I decided to try something new.. I brought the drone out and did a few different clips of video on them on the beach. Just like how there are wedding clips, why not do clips of engagements or families? I’ve added the video to the end of the post, let me know what you think!

Beach Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Romantic beachy engagement session in Lake Tahoe

Lynn and Garrett decided to have a destination engagement session in Lake Tahoe, leading them to contact me! They are from Texas, so Tahoe is a bit different than what they're used to as far an environment.

They were such a fun couple to photograph. We got to walk along a path through a meadow that leads down to the beach, giving me lots of time to talk with them and have some laughs. The trail offered so many different settings for photos, which was great not because to get different looks I usually include two different locations that require driving. For some reason, the mosquitos were SO bad as in clouds of them. Every few seconds we were hitting mosquitos off ourselves. I pulled out my mosquito spray, but it was like I was spraying sugar water instead (Parent Trap fans anyone??).

One of the prettiest things that Tahoe has is when the lupine flowers are in bloom. They don't last very long, but we were able to find a little patch of those pretty purple flowers that were still alive! When I had Lynn and Garrett sit in the middle of the patch, it looked like that beautiful cheesy scene from the movie Twilight. Now that I've said that, you'll totally see it!

When we got to the Lake, instead of seeing the mountains and, it looked like we were on the ocean where it seems like the water has no end. There were so many fires going on in California that the smoke in Tahoe was pretty thick covering the mountains. But the colors from the sunset were gorgeous through the smoke, giving orange and pink colors. It made me miss living in San Luis Obispo and going to the ocean!

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session; Jordan + Devon

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session; Jordan + Devon

The snow didn't stop her from wearing a dress and heels. And she rocked it! One of the spots for photos was off the path, Jordan was going to wear her heels trudging right through that snow. But like a gentleman, Devon swooped up his girl and carried her. He didn't have shoes appropriate for snow either which meant getting the snow in his shoes, but it's better to have cold feet now than at the wedding. ;) 

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session: Riandy & Marcella

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session: Riandy & Marcella

Snowy Engagement in Lake Tahoe

It's pretty much a whiteout outside, and you have an engagement session. Do you cancel? Nope!

Downtown San Luis Obispo Engagement Session: Jeannie & Erwin

Downtown San Luis Obispo Engagement Session: Jeannie & Erwin

We started their session downtown San Luis Obispo. We walked around the creek, crossing rivers and streets and also climbing on top of the parking walls. I’m sure people were thinking why are there people kissing in the middle of the street? I had such a great time photographing them and seeing the love that they have for each other. I am sure they didn’t know that their engagement session would be such an adventure but it was perfect!

Logan Shoals Vista Point, South Lake Tahoe : Lisa Quick & Trey Stone

Lisa Quick & Trey Stone, photos in our hometown South Lake Tahoe 

Having the opportunity to take pictures of Lisa and Trey was not something I could pass up. Lisa is the sweetest and her boyfriend Trey is a rock-star! They have been together for nine years and I had the best time photographing the love they have for each other!

I have known Lisa since I was around five years old! Growing up in Tahoe, Lisa was my neighbor. She has a son who is the same age as me so we grew up going to school and walking our dogs together. Lisa was also my manicurist when I still lived in Tahoe. She is THE BEST! She would add and mix any color glitter to make my heart happy and add rhinestones to make my nails extra sparkly.

Trey Stone is an inductee in the Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame. In Tahoe, he is the locals’ favorite. Along with all the other locals, during the summer I always make sure to go to Music on the Beach at Lakeshore Lodge to hear him play. Another spot to hear him play is the Beacon at Camp Rich where you can drink the famous Rum Runners served there. You can read all about how awesome he is on the Tahoe Tribune's article.

For Lisa and Trey's portrait session I photographed somewhere new, the Logan Shoals Vista Point. This is a hidden little gem off of Highway 50 heading out to Carson City. This location provided great scenery of our Tahoe pine trees and a gorgeous lookout of the lake. Trey plays guitar so much that Lisa jokes it is her “sister-wife”, so of course we had to include it in some of their pictures. While we were taking pictures I didn’t even notice the heart on the tree behind Trey. It adds a little something special to their pictures! As the sun set behind the mountains and it got a little bit cold, Lisa and Trey put on their adorable matching cozy sweaters for a few more pictures. It was a perfect way to end the day and portrait session.

Take a look at these two :) 

- Alyssa

South Lake Tahoe Photographer

Portraits in Snowy South Lake Tahoe | Alana & Matt

South Lake Tahoe Portrait Session

I love taking pictures no matter what the weather condition is.  Alana and I grew up together in South Lake Tahoe, so it was perfect for us to do the pictures here in our snowy hometown. I was so excited about this photo shoot (to some extent, I thought I was more excited than them!) I was about to capture another adorable couple, so I was ready to bring my "A-game"... and warm clothes. We all like beautiful love stories, right? I know I do!

We began the session by taking photos in a field at Fallen Leaf Lake. Alana looked stunning in her cute jeans and light pink sweater top. When we first got there I had this great idea to draw a heart in the snow. The only way for that to happen is to walk out in the snow! Even though tons of snow got in my boots, it was worth the pictures and the laughs. Many people are wondering how I got the picture, since it looks like I am up above them. Well… there was a snowman there and he got a boot to the head so I could stand up. I am a snowman killer, sorry!

It was time for us to head to the Emerald Bay. Sunset is the best time for picures so I really wanted to go up to Emerald Bay for it. It was super windy and freezing, but very gorgeous. Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed and iconic spots so it was nessesary to head up there for a few shots. We took so many pictures that had the most amazing background: the snowy lake, the mountains, and the breathtaking horizon during sunset. However, we didn’t last long because of how cold it was!

Alana and Matt brought their adorable new puppy to join them for some pictures. My first challenge was to get that right moment to take a picture because we all know how puppies are great listeners ;) Aside from moments of him trying to run off we got a few adorable pictures of him sitting perfectly in-between them. There were lots of puppy kisses, he is definitely going to have a happy home.

I really enjoyed the session with Alana, Matt and their puppy! Look at these images I captured.


South Lake Tahoe Photographer