Blake turns 1!

It seems like it was yesterday that this little princess was born and I was holding her for the first time in the hospital. Over the last year I have seen her develop her personality and grow so much, from learning to smile, giggle, crawl and now starting to walk and talk, it is all-amazing to see. She is an adventurer and wants to see and touch anything she can. Being the first baby girl in the family she already has all the boys wrapped around her little finger. Blake is an excellent shopper already, her mom and I are training her well, as she too loves going to TJ Maxx and Target! And don’t even think about getting mad at this little girl because she will give you this smile that makes your heart melt.

Here are a few of her pictures from her cake smash (attempt) for turning one! Blake is either not a fan of vanilla frosting or she just doesn’t like getting her fingers dirty. The instant she put her fingers in the cake, she started screaming and reached for mom. At least we got funny pictures for her when she is older. ;)


- Alyssa 

San Luis Obispo Photographer