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Winter Family Photos: South Lake Tahoe

Pevenage Family Photos in South Lake Tahoe

Winters are a beautiful time of the year for photography. Winter photography can be magical as snow and ice can add a new dimension to photos. When the ground is covered in a white blanket, familiar places take an entirely different perspective. Capturing a moment with feeling is a job of a true artist.

I had a great opportunity of photographing the Pevenage family in South Lake Tahoe. They thought this winter they could capture some special family pictures to celebrate a new year. To overcome the coldness we wore warm and comfortable clothes, gloves, snow boots and hat. Though the excitement of photographing the Pevenage family was enough for me to stay warm.

To start their family session, I thought it was best to start in their backyard in South Lake Tahoe. So we started out in their backyard, which happens to be a lake. During winters, the water freezes in the canals allowing people to ice skating and play ice hockey. I thought ice would make a unique background for their pictures. So we carefully walked out on the ice and got a few pictures without falling!

After that, we headed out to the meadow by the marina in the Tahoe Keys. Fresh snow was everywhere, it was very beautiful. While walking by the river, we found a perfect place for taking photographs. The backdrop of green and orange trees added color to the photos. They seemed to enjoy the photo shoot which helped me capture the perfect moments for their family.

There was a log that was great for them to sit on. The river, colorful trees, and snow were breath-taking. What made the pictures more attractive was the lighting. With the help of the compression from my 70-200 lens, I was able to make the colors of the bushes and trees add an extra pop. This matched the girls maroon shirt that looked good for their photos. 

Therefore, to end the session I had them all do funny faces to capture their fun personalities.

Take a look at this amazing and beautiful family!


Santa Barbara Wedding Anniversary

What is the best way to celebrate ten years of marriage? To host a big bbq with your closest friends and family, and take pictures with your original wedding party of course!

Sarah and Jimmy: Edwards Barn Wedding – Nipomo Wedding

I love when I get to photograph the couple’s engagement and wedding. I got to photograph both Sarah and Jimmy’s engagement and wedding. We did their engagement pictures at the same location of their wedding, at Edwards Barn in Nipomo. During the engagement session I got to know Sarah and Jimmy. Throughout the session there was a barn cat following us wanting to be in the pictures (I love cats so this was not an issue for me). From having the engagement pictures at the wedding venue we got to vision what the wedding day would look like. From that day, May seemed SO far away but the months flew by and the wedding day came up quick!

I showed up the barn and started photographing my favorite things, the details! Chelsea from Blissful Blossoms was the florist and did an excellent job on the flowers. The colors of all the flowers were perfect for this spring wedding and on top of it they smelled fantastic. Sarah and Jimmy’s wedding a party was a little different from I am use to. She included her best friend and brother and he included his best friend and sister. So the girls got ready with each other and the boys got ready with each other but then at the ceremony when they got to the alter, Jimmy’s sister stood on his side and Sarah’s brother stood on her side. What a unique and cute idea! After the ceremony we managed to get all of the wedding guests in front of the barn for a big group photo. I was surprised on how quickly this could be accomplished; usually it is like herding cats to get that many people together and stay put for a picture.

The whole day went by stress free and perfect as could be. To end the great day all the guests got handfuls of rose petals and threw them in the air as the newly wed couple walked out. Since it was still light out after the reception Sarah, Jimmy and I went to Avila Beach on the cliffs and take a few sunset pictures and it was the perfect ending to a marvelous wedding. ­




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San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Marilyn Monroe Styled Shoot

    I am currently a student at Cal Poly working on my Bachelors of Fine Art with concentration in photography. Talk about a lot of work! One of my assignments in my portrait photography class was to recreate an iconic person. I had to find someone and make him or her look like the iconic person’s doppelgänger. Last year I did a photo that looked like Twiggy, so this made me think of Marilyn Monroe, she is such a beautiful and iconic woman. My GORGEOUS friend Kali would be the best model for this, and thankfully she agreed! One of the shots I wanted to do was the Marilyn sitting in a chair with a big white tutu on. I had only a few days to get props ready and my only choice was to make the tutu myself.

    I went downtown to the fabric store in town, Beverly’s and bought three yards of white tulle, one yard of white slip material and elastic. I am nowhere near being good at sewing but I was determined to make the skirt work. Problems I ran into: 1). I didn’t buy enough tulle material, so I didn’t have the amount of layers in the skirt that I wanted. 2). Tulle is the hardest thing to line up straight and 3). I sewed the material to the elastic wrong so it didn’t stretch at all. When it came to shooting, the skirt was so small we had to cut and rip it for it to even be wearable.

    Kali did her own hair and makeup and matched it perfectly to Marilyn Monroe. The photos have the vintage look but a modern touch to them. After shooting the tutu pictures I wanted to do a similar photo to Marilyn’s white dress blowing. Of course living in San Luis Obispo there are no subway grate however a fan worked just fine. Thank you for being a fantastic model Kali!


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San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer

Marilyn Monroe Stylized Shoot
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
- Marilyn Monroe