Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session; Jordan + Devon

Lake Tahoe Engagement Session in the Snow

    I am so excited to finally be posting about my favorite engagement session that I photographed in Lake Tahoe over the winter.
Before the engagement session, I send my engagement style guide to the couple. The guide includes all the details on planning the session, the lighting, the location, and most importantly the answer to the question that almost all women have ... what to wear!! The guide covers so much useful information on planning your engagement session, what is going to look the most flattering and what is going to photograph the best. 

I knew right away that I would get along great with Jordan. After I sent her the engagement style guide, she read it and asked me questions! She put thought behind the colors matching or standing out with the locations we would be in and actually sent me photos of outfits. You are my girl!

The snow didn't stop her from wearing a dress and heels. And she rocked it! One of the spots for photos was off the path, Jordan was going to wear her heels trudging right through that snow. But like a gentleman, Devon swooped up his girl and carried her. He didn't have shoes appropriate for snow either which meant getting the snow in his shoes, but it's better to have cold feet now than at the wedding. ;) 

After a quick car change, we were up at Emerald Bay. One of the most photographed places in the world. For some reason, every time I go up there, it is freezing! Through the shivers, they kept smiling and looked stunning in every photo. I got to use my drone for the first time in a photoshoot!! There was no better to way to end the session, cracking open a bottle of champagne! 

Jordan and Devon, Y'all are SO photogenic and sweet. And I can't wait to see your destination wedding photos!!