Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer and WHY … from a Photographer’s Perspective

Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer and WHY

…  from a Photographer’s Perspective


Wedding planning can be stressful and whether you are on top of it or if you are completely lost, these questions may be ones that you haven't thought of and should ask your photographer before booking them for your wedding.

1.     How do I receive my images?

This is important to know to avoid any assumptions. Now days most photographers hand over the digital files with printing release.  Printing release means you can print the photos wherever your heart desires. Although, some photographers will charge extra for digital files or will only provide photos by prints.

2.     Do you have recommended vendors?

If you are still looking for other types of vendors, photographers have great advice on who is good to work (hopefully no bad vendors) with and who might be a good fit for your wedding.

3.     How long do I have to order any prints, albums or products? (if they offer them)

What if you wanted to order prints for your one-year anniversary, but your photographer has a time limit of only a few months? Or they might have a "recover" fee. 

4.     What happens if my wedding goes over the time I booked you for?

A lot of weddings get off track and the events of the day can to delayed. If your photographer’s time is done but you haven’t cut your cake or your first dance and you want that photographed, you need to know what your options are. You need to know if your photographer will stay and what the cost will be for the unexpected additional time.

5.     What will you be wearing to my wedding?

You might have casual wedding and not have much preference, however if you are having a formal wedding you most likely don’t want an unprofessionally dressed photographer. It is better to set your expectations. 

6.     How long does it take to receive my images?

This is something that can take anywhere from three weeks to six months. Every photographer has different turn around times.

7.     What makes you different from other photographers?

This question is great for you to find out more about your photographer and maybe see why you should or shouldn’t book with them. 

These are just 7 questions and there are probably more that you have in mind to ask. When scheduling a consult with my clients, I tell them to write their questions down because it is so easy to forget!

If you would like to my answers to these questions or have other questions, send me an email!