Glitter, tutu and balloons : Downtown San Luis Obispo Portraits

With my photo shoot I had this exact idea in my head of what I wanted. I love the color pink and of course it is part of my branding so I wanted to include it in my photos to really present my business and my personality. I bought a pink tutu, which happened to match these ridiculous pink high heels that I had, to match my custom pink Pelican case for my camera gear. The last minute I had an idea, I texted Sam, “I’m going to be late, I’m buying balloons!”. So there we were, leaving the parking garage, me in pink high heels, a pink tutu, one hand with a handful of pink balloons and the other pulling my pelican case. You would have no idea on how many people stopped, starred and asked “What are you doing??”, “Where are you going??”. Random people were asking this! I was definitely a sight that couldn’t be missed walking downtown San Luis Obispo on a Friday in the middle of the day.

I had this one specific shot that was really in my mind, of crossing the middle of the street with everything. We would stand on the side of the sidewalk and wait for there to be no cars then quickly run to the middle of the street and I would smile. We did this a few times and there were some people coming out of the near by stores watching us, it was hilarious! With all the different elements we had to work with, Sam captured the exact image that I had imagined, and its absolutely perfect.

Hopefully we can get together again soon to do some other fun and exciting shoot! 

You can check out the pictures that I took of Samantha from last weeks blog post.