Winter Bridal Styled Shoot - Sand Harbor, South Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor, South Lake Tahoe Styled Bridal Shoot

Over summer last year a local bridal shop closed and donated all of their dresses to a thrift store. I found a dress for fifty dollars and had a great idea in mind with it. In December I was finally was able to put this idea into an actual plan… A winter bridal shoot in South Lake Tahoe at my favorite spot, Sand Harbor!

I have known Cassara since before kindergarten and actually have pictures together from my fourth birthday party. I was so excited that she was home from college and could model for this! We went out to Sand Harbor and even though the weather looks clear, it was windy and freezing! Tons of people were making comments as they watched us that she must be freezing and said “Congratulations!” she was a trooper and rolled with it saying “Thanks!”.

My favorites are the pictures on the rocks. It has a Disney “The Little Mermaid” feel to it.  I LOVED that move when I was little. 

Something that happens in Sand Harbor over winter is a horse carriage ride. Towards the end of the shoot I noticed that the horses were being loaded up to go home. So I walked over and asked if I could borrow a horse for a few shots. They were hesitant, but agreed  (people are a lot nicer when they think you are getting married)! We only had a few minutes with the horse and he did not want to cooperate. But of course I managed to get at least one image with him.

Check out the last picture for something unexpected that happened. ;)