Portraits in Snowy South Lake Tahoe | Alana & Matt

South Lake Tahoe Portrait Session

I love taking pictures no matter what the weather condition is.  Alana and I grew up together in South Lake Tahoe, so it was perfect for us to do the pictures here in our snowy hometown. I was so excited about this photo shoot (to some extent, I thought I was more excited than them!) I was about to capture another adorable couple, so I was ready to bring my "A-game"... and warm clothes. We all like beautiful love stories, right? I know I do!

We began the session by taking photos in a field at Fallen Leaf Lake. Alana looked stunning in her cute jeans and light pink sweater top. When we first got there I had this great idea to draw a heart in the snow. The only way for that to happen is to walk out in the snow! Even though tons of snow got in my boots, it was worth the pictures and the laughs. Many people are wondering how I got the picture, since it looks like I am up above them. Well… there was a snowman there and he got a boot to the head so I could stand up. I am a snowman killer, sorry!

It was time for us to head to the Emerald Bay. Sunset is the best time for picures so I really wanted to go up to Emerald Bay for it. It was super windy and freezing, but very gorgeous. Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed and iconic spots so it was nessesary to head up there for a few shots. We took so many pictures that had the most amazing background: the snowy lake, the mountains, and the breathtaking horizon during sunset. However, we didn’t last long because of how cold it was!

Alana and Matt brought their adorable new puppy to join them for some pictures. My first challenge was to get that right moment to take a picture because we all know how puppies are great listeners ;) Aside from moments of him trying to run off we got a few adorable pictures of him sitting perfectly in-between them. There were lots of puppy kisses, he is definitely going to have a happy home.

I really enjoyed the session with Alana, Matt and their puppy! Look at these images I captured.


South Lake Tahoe Photographer