Santa Barbara Wedding Anniversary

What is the best way to celebrate ten years of marriage? To host a big bbq with your closest friends and family, and take pictures with your original wedding party of course!

The start of the day was a little chaotic when I first arrived. Google maps had directed me to the wrong location. I pulled up to four small houses in a half circle pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. I parked on the side of the road and sat in my car for a few minutes freaking out, as I had no cell service thinking that I was never going to find the party. Thankfully I wasn’t alone and there was a guy that came up to my car asking “by any chance are you looking for Christal?”. He had cell service and was able to call her and get us in the right party spot. 

Once arriving in the correct spot, I was amazed by what a fantastic spot they had. Tables set up with a stunning few of mountains behind. The day also started out very windy as the flowers on the tables kept blowing over but by the time everyone arrived the wind had died down. We started out taking pictures on the road, getting the “out in the middle of an abandoned road” look. Christal had so many fun ideas to do for pictures. One of my favorites was all of her girls in a line, taking a drink from a wine bottle and passing it down. Where would one be without their girlfriends to drink with? I took some more wedding party pictures and family pictures then the party started. I ended the night when Christal made her speech, she said public speaking was something that she dreaded but girl you killed it! I did not know her family prior, but from her speech I knew that they have been through a lot and have never ending love for each other. “Vows are not wishes, they’re promises” Happy 10 years of marriage, and I wish you 90 more!


San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer