Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Ski Resort Wedding: Thuy + Greg

Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Ski Resort Wedding: Thuy + Greg

With a ceremony on top of a mountain overlooking Lake Tahoe, it couldn't have been a more pretty view. Who wouldn't want to get married at the top of Heavenly with a view of all of Lake Tahoe? This definitely called for me to bring out my pink drone and capture all the beauty! Her ceremony included the CUTEST ring security with a skit to mission impossible.

North Lake Tahoe Family Session

Family Session In North Lake Tahoe

This is one of my favorite family sessions. This family was visiting from out of town and wanted photos from their vacation in Lake Tahoe! They came in the perfect outfits. From the photos, it looks like we were in the middle of a gorgeous field and alone on a private beach with a pier.. but that was not the reality! On the side of the pier there was a beach with people staring at what in the world I was doing, and it was actually a private pier with a fence right out of the frame of the photos. (sorry for trespassing!) Summer in Lake Tahoe, no matter what side of the lake you’re at is packed with tons of tourists! The tricky thing is just working around them and providing those instagram-worthy images and ones to print for the walls.

Lake Tahoe Fall Honeymoon Session | Lauren + Cody

Lake Tahoe is a perfect location for so many occasions. From a weekend getaway, a place to propose at, a wedding and even a place for a honeymoon. Lauren and Cody came to Tahoe for their honeymoon!

I absolutely loved they wanted photos of themselves as now husband and wife on their honeymoon! I wish more couples did this!

The fall colors were mostly faded but we found the very last bit of them. I had them dance in the meadow, and basically just enjoy being newlyweds. With having wedding photos done already, they were basically pros when it came to this photoshoot!

After the sun went down, I decided to try something new.. I brought the drone out and did a few different clips of video on them on the beach. Just like how there are wedding clips, why not do clips of engagements or families? I’ve added the video to the end of the post, let me know what you think!

Woman Wednesday: Mollie Connell, Rebel Pioneer

Woman Wednesday: Mollie Connell, Rebel Pioneer

If there could be a person next to a word in the dictionary, Mollie would be under the word Badass, and Hard worker. I can't even list all the things she does. First off she's a mom of four kids (which is like a million kids, if you listen to Rachel Hollis's Rise Together podcast, think of her saying it) and homeschools ALL of them!!

Beach Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Romantic beachy engagement session in Lake Tahoe

Lynn and Garrett decided to have a destination engagement session in Lake Tahoe, leading them to contact me! They are from Texas, so Tahoe is a bit different than what they're used to as far an environment.

They were such a fun couple to photograph. We got to walk along a path through a meadow that leads down to the beach, giving me lots of time to talk with them and have some laughs. The trail offered so many different settings for photos, which was great not because to get different looks I usually include two different locations that require driving. For some reason, the mosquitos were SO bad as in clouds of them. Every few seconds we were hitting mosquitos off ourselves. I pulled out my mosquito spray, but it was like I was spraying sugar water instead (Parent Trap fans anyone??).

One of the prettiest things that Tahoe has is when the lupine flowers are in bloom. They don't last very long, but we were able to find a little patch of those pretty purple flowers that were still alive! When I had Lynn and Garrett sit in the middle of the patch, it looked like that beautiful cheesy scene from the movie Twilight. Now that I've said that, you'll totally see it!

When we got to the Lake, instead of seeing the mountains and, it looked like we were on the ocean where it seems like the water has no end. There were so many fires going on in California that the smoke in Tahoe was pretty thick covering the mountains. But the colors from the sunset were gorgeous through the smoke, giving orange and pink colors. It made me miss living in San Luis Obispo and going to the ocean!

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session; Jordan + Devon

Winter Lake Tahoe Engagement Session; Jordan + Devon

The snow didn't stop her from wearing a dress and heels. And she rocked it! One of the spots for photos was off the path, Jordan was going to wear her heels trudging right through that snow. But like a gentleman, Devon swooped up his girl and carried her. He didn't have shoes appropriate for snow either which meant getting the snow in his shoes, but it's better to have cold feet now than at the wedding. ;)